• A world of difference in
    critical piping connections since 1968.™

  • Introducing AssureFlex® UL/FM Listed Solutions for Sprinkler Systems!

  • Fitting Tri-Loop® into your plans makes fitting your piping connections into tight spaces and tight budgets easy.

  • When you’re making critical piping connections
    nothing but Tri-Flex Loop® should go over your head.


Founded in 1968, Flex-Hose Co. roots began as a manufacturer of metal hose assemblies in Syracuse, NY and developed a foundation based on the simple principles of quality and pride in workmanship.  Now, over 50 years later, Flex-Hose still maintains and emphasizes those same basic principals in day-to-day operations, management directives and overall corporate culture. Whether you are looking for a product to absorb vibration, reduce noise, address thermal growth, deal with seismic shift, or resolve pipe misalignment, Flex-Hose Co. can provide a quality, reliable solution to fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more or obtain a quote!

Our Products

Metal Expansion Loops / Seismic Connectors

UL/FM-Listed Solutions for Fire Sprinkler Systems

Flexible Metal Hoses

Rubber Expansion Joints

Metal Expansion Joints

In-Line Air Separator & Other

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