With UltraJointTM, you can eliminate the installation of two pipe guides for every metal bellows joint 
installed significantly reducing installation costs.

  • ECONOMICAL – Eliminates guides for every UltraJoint
  • PROTECTS OVER-TRAVEL – Built-in travel limit assembly assures safety & performance
  • LARGE MOVEMENTS – Absorbs axial pipe movements up to 3.25”
  • EASY TO INSULATE – Simply wrap insulation over shroud
  • PIPE GUIDE SHROUD – Encapsulated design protects from external impact & functions as a safety shield
  • HIGH WORKING PRESSURE – Standard design working pressure to 300psi, test pressures 1.5xs
  • MULTIPLE FITTINGS AVAILABLE – Grooved ends, welded ends and 150# and 300# flanges
  • Standard Sizes 2” to 24” I.D

PATENT # 8,033,576 B2

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