U Style Loop

They absorb up to 24" of movement resulting from thermal changes and misalignment in a piping system. It also dampens vibration and reduces the transmission of noise. 2-Leg U style Loops are designed to be pressure tested 1.5 times their maximum rated working pressure and manufactured with a 4:1 safety factor. They reduce the need for the added installation expense of traditional long length pipe loops and their compact design saves valuable space.

2-Leg U style loops do not impose additional thrust loads on the piping system and thus reducing the need for costly anchoring or thrust blocks.

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Flex-Hose Co.'s 2-Leg U & V Style Loop is designed to provide a flexible pipe loop that will absorb and compensate thermal pipe movements as well as reducing piping stress.


Stainless Steel or Bronze (other alloys and styles available)


1/2" to 12" I.D.


Working pressure of standard hose and braid construction up to 1325PSI or full vacuum and operating temperatures of -400° F to +1500° F.


Flex-Hose Co. offers a free 2-year warranty to show their confidence and back the loop 100%.