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Hanger Assembly Kit

The UL Listed Seismic Rope/Cable used in our hanger assemblies conform to the requirements of ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) guidelines for structural applications of wire rope, in that the cable is pre0stretched and the permanent end fittings maintain the break strength of the cable with a safety factor of two.

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The UL Listed Tri-Flex Loop Hanger Assembly Kit saves valuable time on Tri-Flex Loop installation, making it easy to support and hang the revolutionary Tri-Flex Loop.


Each kit contains: 2 URC (universal restraint clips) for attaching to structure, 4 zinc plated copper oval sleeves, and 2 pre-stretched cables (13 feet in length).


Red Cable Kit is for Tri-Flex Loop sizes up to and including 8” inside diameter.


Felco cable cutters and crimping tools are available separately (not provided in the kit).

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